E-shop rules

The e-shop at www.pepileti.pl is run by Better Place Piotr Ślusarczyk with its registered office in Nadarzyn, at ul. Graniczna 15 A, NIP: 6912011350, e-mail address: sklep@pepileti.pl.


§ 1 General provisions

  1. www.pepileti.pl e-shop sells products by the Internet.

  2. These rules specify the terms and conditions of using www.pepileti.pl e-shop, placing orders for products offered by the www.pepileti.pl e-shop, delivery of products ordered by the Buyer, payment of the selling price for the products by the Buyer, the Buyer's right to cancel the order and withdraw from the contract, as well as the principles of making and investigating complaints.

  3. In the broadest scope allowed by law, the Seller shall not be held liable for any disruption, including breaks in www.pepileti.pl e-shop operation caused by Force Majeure, illegal third party acts or incompatibility of www.pepileti.pl e-shop with the Buyer's infrastructure.

  4. The sales shall take place over the Internet in the form of distance contract by and between the person placing the order, hereinafter referred to as the Buyer and the person selling goods, hereinafter referred to as the Seller.

  5. The Buyer can be any individual, legal person or business unit not possessing legal personality, having an e-mail account and the capacity to perform acts in law.

  6. Any person placing an on-line order with www.pepileti.pl e-store shall be obliged to get acquainted with the rules. The ignorance of these Rules does not exempt the Buyer from the principles and provisions included herein.

  7. Doing shopping in the e-store at www.pepileti.pl the Buyer confirms that they have got acquainted with these Rules and they accept them in the applicable form.


§ 2 Order Processing

  1. The orders are accepted by the Internet. To place the order, confirm your willingness to purchase the goods found in the dedicated tab at www.pepileti.pl under the name "Basket". Once the order has been placedthe Buyer shall receive an e-mail message that the order reached the shop.

  2. Adding a product to the basket and clicking the Confirm button by the Buyer shall be deemed placement of an order (bid).

  3. A contract is considered executed when the Seller confirms immediately, by an e-mail, that the Buyer's order has been received, notifying all the same the order has been accepted for processing.

  4. A prerequisite for the effective order placement is providing detailed address of the Buyer, including the phone number and e-mail address where the Buyer can be contacted.

  5. The Buyer provides their personal information in a voluntary way but its absence makes it impossible to do shopping. Purchasing a product, the Buyer agrees to have their personal information processed for the purpose and in the scope required for the Seller to process the order in accordance with the provisions of the Act of August 29, 1997 on Protecting Personal Information.

  6. The Seller reserves the possibility not to complete the order when the information provided by the Buyer is incomplete, erroneous or untrue.

  7. The order processing time is 5 business days starting from the day when the Seller's bank account, named at www.pepileti.pl is credited with the due sum.

  8. If some of the goods covered with the order are not available, the Buyer shall be informed thereof immediately. The Buyer decides if the order is to beprocessed in part or cancelled in whole.


§ 3 Payments

  1. All the prices are quoted in PLN and include VAT. The price stipulated for every product is binding at the time when the Buyer places the order.

  2. The store reserves the right to change the price of goods included in the offer, to introduce new products to the e-shop,organise and cancel promotional actions on the e-shop sites or modify them. The Shop increases the product price with the costs of itsshipment.

  3. The order is finally processed when the Shop receives the payment for the ordered goods from the Buyer. The Buyer may pay for the ordered goods within 7 days of accepting their order in the Basket, by selecting one of the two below-mentioned payment modes available at www.pepileti.pl site.

- by a bank transfer via a transactional panel Przelewy24, run by DialCom24 Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Poznań;

- by an on-line payment system PayPal, run by PayPal (Europe) with its registered office in Luxembourg.

4. In the subject of the transfer named in section 3 please enter the order number.


§ 4 Delivery

  1. The ordered goods shall be sent by a courier service and Poczta Polska service according to their respective price lists.

  2. The order processing time and costs related to sending the ordered goods shall apply solely in the territory of Poland. For orders to outside the territory of Poland, the method and time of shipment, as well as the costs related to sending the ordered goods shall be stipulated on a case-by-case basis for every order depending on the country which the goods are ordered to.


§ 5 Return of goods

  1. According to the Act of March 2, 2000 on the protection of certain consumer rights and on the liability for damage caused by a dangerous product (Journal of Laws no. 22, item 271 as amended), the Buyer can resign from the goods bought in www.pepileti.pl shop without specifying the reason within 14 days of collecting the shipment.

  2. To withdraw from the contract, the Buyer shall be obliged to send a statement of their decision by e-mail to sklep@pepileti.plThis can be done solely when the product does not bear any signs of use, iscomplete and not damaged in any way.

  3. The returned product shall be sent together with the invoice attached to to the following address:

ul. Graniczna 15 A

05-830 Nadarzyn

4. The shop guarantees return of the amountcorresponding to the product price. The money shall be returned within 14 business days to the bank account indicated by the Buyer. The cost of returning the goods is not returnable. If the Buyer wishes to retain the proof of purchase for the other, non-returned products covered by the same receipt, they should copy it themselves.


§ 6 Complaint

  1. If the Buyer finds any physical defects in the received goods, they should send them back by post to the following address:"Pepi Leti", 05-830 Nadarzyn, ul. Graniczna 15A. To ensure efficient complaint procedure, the information on making the complaint related to the goods should be sent by e-mail to sklep@pepileti.pl.The shop does not collect any shipments sent COD.

  2. Attach the invoice and description of the complaint cause to the returned goods.Any complaints shall be examined within 10 business days after their reception. The damaged goods shall be replaced with new, standard-value,and if it is impossible (e.g. due to depleted stock), the shop will return the equivalent of the goods' price to the Buyer or offer the Buyerother products offered by the shop.


§ 7 Copyright

  1. All the product-related text and photos are protected with copyright. They must not be copied and distributed, used for commercial purposes or for presentation on the websites without the consent of the shop owner. All materials, descriptions and photos presented on the Shop sites are used for information purposes. Product photos may differ in their colours from the actual products due to various properties and configurations of Buyers' hardware.

  2. All the trade names, product names, company names and their logos used at www.pepileti.pl belong to their respective owners.

  3. The entire website, including any texts, contents, photos, logos, graphic images and layout is subject to Polish copyright provisions worldwide. If the website or its contents are misused, reproduced or transferred, the person liable therefore may be penalised under civil or penal law.

  4. All the products presented at www.pepileti.pl are placed there with the consent and awareness of the respective owners of industrial designs of the products.


§ 8 Final provisions

  1. Please be informed that the personal information provided on the order form in www.pepileti.pl e-shop is collected and processed pursuant to theAct of August 29, 1997 on protecting personal information (Journal of Laws of 2002 no. 101 item 926 as amended). The collected personal informationis used solely for the purposes related to processing the placed orders and informing of any sales and it will not be disclosed to any thirdparty. Every Buyer of www.pepileti.pl shop is entitled to demand the right to check, modify and remove their personal information from our database.

  2. The Seller reserves the right to amend the Rules any time. Any amendments hereto shall be in force when they are indicated and made available to the Customers at the shop website. The applicable Rules are published at the shop website. Amending the Rules does not affect any acquired rights, related to the executed sales contracts or placed orders.

  3. In matters not regulated with the provisions hereof, the applicable provisions for relationship between the entrepreneur and consumer shall apply.